Cameron Snowden

Cameron has been working as a private practice physiotherapist in the Ballarat region for over 12 years. He has a personal and professional interest in sporting injuries, having been a local cricketer and footballer. Cameron also treats a wide range of musculo-skeletal and spinal problems including acute and chronic injuries, work injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Belinda Matthews

Belinda is a physiotherapist with a special interest in women's health including continence and pelvic floor management for stress incontinence, urge incontinence and prolapse symptoms. Belinda is passionate about women's health particularly during pregnancy and the post natal period. Belinda also specialises in hand therapy. Belinda is able to custom-make splints as part of managing hand conditions.

Janet Brown

Janet is a physiotherapist with a specific interest in dance-related injuries having formerly worked at The Australian Ballet. Over her professional career, she has worked with a wide range of athletes, both elite and recreational. Janet enjoys sharing her many years of experience in the education, treatment and rehabilitation of dancers, and performs dance-specific physical assessments. Janet maintains a particular focus on foot and ankle injuries, and the prevention and treatment of dance injuries.