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Cervical Screening Self-Collection

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Take your own cervical screening sample at your regular UFS Medical Centre! A self-collected test is quick, easy, private and reliable.

Anyone who is eligible for cervical screening can choose the self-collection option for their next Cervical Screening Test. With the self-collection option you can take your own vaginal sample with a swab and without a speculum.

The self-collection test sample is used to look for human papillomavirus (HPV) – finding HPV early is your best protection against cervical cancer. A self-collected Cervical Screening Test is just as accurate at detecting HPV as a Cervical Screening Test taken by your doctor or specially-trained nurse.

This test is done at the doctor’s or other health setting, usually in private behind a screen or in the bathroom.  It is quick, easy, private and reliable.

For more information, click here for the Cancer Council website.