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The Supercare Nursing Service is a government funded service providing triage, assessment, treatment and/or referral on to a GP, emergency department or other healthcare provider for ongoing care. This service is free to patients.

The Supercare Nursing Service operates from 6pm to 10pm at Supercare Pharmacies across Victoria (eight in total) and UFS Medical is contracted by the State Government to operate the Supercare Nursing Service in all of these pharmacies. Our services include wound care, blood pressure checks, treatment of minor strains and sprains, rashes and minor burns, coughs, colds, vomiting, diarrhoea, removal of sutures or staples (with instructions from a doctor), injections (with a valid doctor’s order) and Influenza, Adacel and MMR vaccinations funded by the National Immunisation Program (NIP) Schedule, available to eligible patients only.

Our services are located in Bendigo, Ballarat, Mildura, Yarraville, Traralgon, Hoppers Crossing, Craigieburn and Melton

Staffed by experienced registered nurses from the primary and community healthcare sector with qualifications in Immunisation and Mental Health First Aid, this service is designed to provide the community with after-hours care and to take pressure off local emergency departments, particularly with category four and five presentations that can be managed in the primary care setting.

For more information, please visit the Department of Health & Human Services website:  https://www2.health.vic.gov.au/primary-and-community-health/primary-care/pharmacy

National Safety & Quality in Health Service Standards

The Supercare Nursing Service is working towards achieving accreditation against the National Safety & Quality in Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. This means that we strive to provide excellence in healthcare and meet the high standards set by the Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare.

For more information on the NSQHS Standards, please visit: https://www.safetyandquality.gov.au/our-work/assessment-to-the-nsqhs-standards/

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

The Supercare Nursing Service promotes the Charter of Health Care Rights and associated principles embedded within the framework.  The Charter defines rights to access, safety, respect, communication, participation, privacy and comment.

Information is available within our nursing services and at the following website: https://www.safetyandquality.gov.au/national-priorities/charter-of-healthcare-rights/


We take your privacy and our obligations to protect your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy provides information on how your personal information (which includes your health information) is collected and used within our service, and the circumstances in which we may share it with third parties.

For more information, please read our Comprehensive Privacy Policy here.

Feedback, Complaints and Compliments

The Supercare Nursing Service strives to create an environment that is responsive to patient, carer and consumer input and needs. We value feedback and have a strong continuous improvement culture. If you would like to provide feedback, please complete our Patient Survey or email supercare@ufsmedical.com.au.

Workforce Qualifications

All Supercare Nursing Services are staffed by experienced Registered Nurses with additional qualifications in Mental Health First Aid, Immunisation and all staff hold a current Working with Children’s Check.

Patient Resources

We encourage patients to continually improve their health literacy. Resources to improve your health and provide education on preventative health measures can be found at: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/

Safety & Quality Audit Results

Our Safety and Quality Framework ensures that our staff are providing the right care for the right patient at the right time. We regularly conduct audits on our policies, procedures and protocols, workforce education and training, and compliance against the NSQHS Standards.